Super Mario Bros



Super Mario Bros is an amazing game and revolutionary for its time. But sometimes people get a bit tired of the same old levels, and sometimes rom hacks don't cut it. So someone created a program that randomizes Super Mario Bros levels. And I will be uploading the roms I generated. If you would like to make your own random SMB games then simply go to this link here.


✓ - Completed (I have beaten the whole game.)
★- Favourite (One of my favourites.)

Mario's Random Adventure (1) - ✓ ★

My first random ROM. I played all of it and it was pretty fun, there is alot of pipes at the beginning of the game but not too many. It was pretty average, I did die alot but that's just probably because I suck at games. The difficulty curve doesn't go very high and actually only goes a bit high. There is 27 levels you can play, which means 7 worlds. (Without level 8.) I'd recommend this to people who just wanna get a preview.



Challenge Journey (2) - ✓

The second random ROM. This one wasn't that bad, I'd say it was a bit hard, but nothing too much. This is for the casual players who want a bit of challenge. The beginning is pretty fun and stylish. The title screen isn't too fancy but that doesn't really matter. There is 27 levels, seven worlds (with seven only having 3 levels). If you like a bit of a challenge I recommend this.